Trying to save money on the best quality foods, supplements and body care products? Your local food co-op knows how important it is to get great food for your family at the best prices; that’s why we offer Co+op Deals. With sale prices on more than a hundred products from trusted brands each month, there is no better way to save money on the products you love.


Looking to stretch your grocery budget? So are we! That’s why we’re pleased to have our Co+op Basics program. Co+op Basics offers everyday low prices on many popular grocery and household items. From milk to beef to cereal, you’ll find both new value-priced brands as well as new low prices on some old favorites.

Don’t worry, we aren’t paying our farmers or employees any less. We’re simply committed to improving our selection so that everyone can find more value when shopping the co-op. Starting in 2015, you’ll find more than 200 Co+op Basics items in the store. Just look for this sign:

Don’t forget to take advantage of the other great way to save when shopping the co-op: Co+op Deals – look for this sign to find deals from our biweekly sales flyer: